Firstly, I want to point out this game is not recommended for the audience of age lower than 15 (In my opinion, you were warned)

Secondly, I want to point out this is my first Twine base game that I am publishing and my second game ever, so if you did find any bugs: I am sorry and I hope you don't mind contacting me so I could fix it and update the game.

Thirdly, I am not really good with English Language, so I apologies in advance if I wrote something with bad spelling or grammar.

I have created this game based on 3 mechanics: Respect, Morality, and Self Esteem.

There are 15 different endings to this game, so be careful what you choices you pick, 

Thank you and Good Luck! ( ^_^ )/

Patch 1.1: So there was a bug in one of the routes, hopefully, its now fixed. also the mechanics have changes slightly, so each answer would effect the out come greatly. Also have added a new route for our True Neutral friends, hope you enjoy it ^_^/

Patch 1.2: The If statement that was broken  is now fixed, There is a new Mechanic of Wisdom, it's a boolean choice, not a number base choice. You are either wise or not (dependant on the routes you take)

Patch 1.3: The result page added, credits to Steven M is in the Authors Note. Wisdom mechanic has more effect. 

Patch 1.4: The result page bug fixed.

Patch 1.5: More bugs on the 7 Magnificent rout fixed.

Patch 1.6: Wisdom check on the result page is fixed, History option added, some spelling error fixed.

Patch 1.7: More point system added to different endings (Minimum of below 10 and maximum of 30)

Patch 1.8: "Replys" corrected to "replies" (honest mistake, I am not that bad), the ending English is also fixed, coding for ending fixed also coding for protection also edited so you can only pick one.

Development log


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